Marking Scheme

Hello I Have Two Doubts Basically.. 1)i Dont Understand The Marking Scheme Here... What Are Credits And How Do They Determine Our Cgpa.. A Brief But Complete Explanation Would Help. 2)i Just Finished My Physics Project. I Hv Some Values With Me But I Dunno Wat To Do Next. Wat Should Be Prepared On Da Blank Pqges At The End? How Much Error Is Tolerable Here? What Does The Examiner Expect? Thanks In Advance


>> EX - 10 points; A - 9 points; B - 8 points; C - 7 points; D - 6 points; P - 5 points; F - Failure .These points are multiplied with subject credits and a weighted average is calculated to get the Semester Grade Point Average and Cumulative Grade Point Average i.e. simply multiply the grade with the credit of that particular course and after summation ,divide by the total no. of credits.

>> 2nd doubt- I understand you are talking about your physics lab work here. The blank pages are meant to answer the discussion questions for a performed experiment as told by your concerned TA. Rest of your doubts regarding lab work will be best answered by your lab Prof. Don't hesitate to clear your doubts with him.