Actually I Wish To Join A Society So That I Cud Meet All Kind Of Awesome Seniors And Learn Thing From Them, That U Cant Learn In A Class But I Also Wish To Get A Good Cgpa, I Am Really Confused Please Help.

Sidhartha Satapathy

>> CGPA is MUST. Join whichever society you want to and take part in all the extra curricular activities that you are interested in but don't let your CGPA suffer

>> First year is the time where you have the opportunity to explore a lot of options but do remember one thing that CGPA is IMPORTANT . You should join societies for obvious in first years , beacuse you get to know your intrests , and if you manage your time properly the you acads wont hampher even if your are there in multiple societies . Be a good manager , enjoy and join the society of your interest but do give time regularly to your acads as well.