Hi , I Wanted To Know That Wat Cgpa Is A Good One And How Much Do We Need To Study For That? I M Having Problems In Mechanics So Can U Plz Give Me Some Suggestions . Lastly , Can U Plz Tell Me About The Avg Placement In Metallurgical ? Thanks

Shubham Dutta

>> Shubham just be regular in the classes and don't let large number of topics to pile on.Try to update yourself with the current topic as early as possible .That's enough to get a decent cgpa. Generally cgpa above 7.5 is considered good but again this is just a personal view,I mean just score as much as you can. It's of no use thinking about the placements statics now, because no one can predict what is going to happen in the next 4 years or so.Just study well and Enjoy your Kgp life.