Volunteer In Fests

How Can I Become A Volunteer In Spring Fest Or Kshitij?? What Are The Basic Things A Volunteer Has To Do?

Shubham Patil

>> There would be notices regarding the volunteer selection few days before the respective fests. Just keep your eyes open and you will know about. A volunteer has to just help in smooth functioning of the fests.

>> Is there an interview or so?

Shubham Patil

>> Yes! There will be.

>> What all will be there in it?

Shubham Patil

>> Some things are best disclosed at the proper time. You may expect questions like why you want to be the volunteer of a particular fest in the first place. Also, they may inquire about your involvements in various activities. An interview can never be planned. It takes its own course.

>> In due course of time you will get to know the jobrole of a volunteer .And interviews are held at starting of the next semester in general as we have the two main fest Spring fest and Kshitij in January end . So dont worry , you will be aware of it when time comes .