Regarding Kgp

Are Toppers Neglecting Iit Kgp Because Of Academics?Since I Came Here ,I Am Seeing That The Students Are Admiring Other Iits And Not Liking This ...........some Are Saying That The Academics Is Not Good Here.......some Are Saying That Clubs And Societies Are Not Good ......some Are Saying That Kgp Is Lagging Behind In All Aspects And Is Just Marginally Better Than Nits And In Few Years The New Iits Will Surpass Kgp...........i Am Worried .......we Will Be Associated With Kgp For The Rest Of Our Lives....if The Name Of Kgp Degrades The Ones Associated With It Will Also Feel Ashamed

Kumar Ayush

>> Ayush, its true that KGP isn't situated in a metro-city like the other old IITs which makes most of the toppers annoyed esp. because they could have chosen something else at other IITs, however this doesn't mean that Kgp lacks behind them in terms of opportunities or the culture. This is the oldest IIT and has the largest alumni network spread throughout the world. There are pros and cons for everything, but its upto an individual to make the best use of the opportunities available at hand and surpass the cons. There have been fellow Kgpians who have passed out and are performing exceptionally well across all the fields. Even in the campus there are the 'studs' you will soon know about who have outperformed in the field they are interested in. The society and hall culture here is the best amongst all the IITs since this is what bonds the seniors and juniors together to an extent that you being a fresher can hardly imagine. Now that you are a Kgpian, so behave like one 'Dedicated to the service of the nation'. You need not pay attention to such things and get worried, instead look for opportunities all around you, excel in your acads and other interests and eventually you'll come out with flying colours only to make your alma mater pround!