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Why Iit Kgp Is Neglected By The Toppers.why The Name And Ranking Of Kgp Is Going Down Each Year

Kumar Ayush

>> Tough Question to answer!!! And the only reason I think of is the campus is away from the metro city.....But how far? Take the train from Kharagpur station you will reach Kolkata in no more than 2 hours’ time. Does a student ‘really’ miss it? – Be part of the student societies and experience the Hall culture, and you shall know the answer yourself. Unlike other institutions close to cities, here in KGP campus, life teaches you to have self-introspection and evolve your inner self to the maestro of tomorrow. More importantly you will learn to value the human interaction during your tenure in this Institute. In these days, a higher educational institution functions as an instrument of social change and IIT-KGP has been successfully doing that. We urge to take the fullest advantage of what this mother of the IIT system has to offer. Here at IIT-KGP you learn to cultivate the right kind of attitude in all your activities. This Promised Land which has been graced by the presence of great people for over 60 years. Hope that everyone here will grow significantly by devoting yourselves to academics, research and other extra-curricular activities. ALWAYS BE PROUD TO BE A KGPIAN....