Agricultural & Food Engineering.

Hi! I Am Willing To Change My Department.My Aim Is To Get Civil Or Chemical Engineering. How Much Should I Study And Which Books Should I Prefer In Addition To Those Which Teachers Have Instructed To Use...i M In Physics Sem. Thanku..

Kartik Joshi

>> Good that you have a specific interest in one of these departments. You can definitely change your branch if you work hard a little in the coming months. My suggestion will be, go to classes regularly, try to attend all tutorials and finish all assignment sheets. These will give you a fair idea about the kind of questions you will get in the exams. Books: For Physics, I guess books and lecture notes by Saraswat-Sastry and Khastgir should suffice. The rest depends on how thorough your concepts in JEE based SHM, Waves etc are. They help alot in due course of time. For PDS, there is a fantastic book by E.Balaguruswamy. Apart from it, class notes will do. Student Welfare Group organizes PDS Doubt Sessions for you guys every year. Do take part in it. For Math, Jain-Iyengar and practice will be your best friends. For Mechanics, Beer-Johnston is the book I remember. Make sure you are able to solve all tutorial sheets.

>> Try to study in a group of friends, helped me a lot in my first year. You can go to this site to access previous year papers: