What is EX grade?
Ex grade is the highest grade one can achieve in a particular course and computes to 10 in the calculation of your grade point index (CGPA or SGPA).
What are the grading schemes in exams?
"EX - 10 points; A - 9 points; B - 8 points; C - 7 points; D - 6 points; P - 5 points; F - Failure These points are multiplied with subject credits and a weighted average is calculated to get the Semester Grade Point Average and Cumulative Grade Point Average (details can be found in the information brochure)."
Where can we get second hand books?
Second hand books can be found near MMM Hall, Tech Market and some of the general stores of the respective halls.
I missed a class test due to illness. Can I be given another chance?
If you have a valid medical certificate/prescription issued by a doctor of BC Roy Hospital, you may be allowed to sit for a repeat test by the professor depending upon the time available to do so.
What CGPA is necessary for department change?
"There is no defined CGPA cutoff for a department change, it all depends on the performance of the respective batch and some academic rules/criteria: 1. Your CGPA after 2 semesters (1st year) should be above 8.5 2. Your department strength should not fall below 10% of the required number 3. The destination department strength should not increase beyond 10% of the required number After all this is satisfied, you will be ranked among the other top scorers in your branch as well as in the institute. You will also be required to input 10 choices of destination department/branch (just like during JEE counselling). Things after this are completely merit based. For example, if you have scored 9.0 but 5 others in your branch are above 9.0, they will get a preference over you."
Can people from five year course make department change into a five year course only?
If you are in a 5 year MSc course, you can change your department to any of the 4 year or 5 year courses (including MSc and Dual Degree). However, if you are in a Dual Degree course, you can change it to a Dual Degree course only.


Canteens/Restaurants in the campus?
These are some restaurants in the campus : Cafe coffee day, Heritage, Dreamland, Veggies, Tikka, Hot bite, Billoos, etc Also there are some hall canteens open for all - VS, HJB, JCB.
Where is SBI located?
Near puri gate, inside the campus.
What is "2.2"?
A 2.2 Kilometres round in central part of IIT-KGP campus, usually run of it.
What is maggu room?
F-127, a room in main building ground floor. This room is always open, people go to study there.
Location of Xerox centers and ATMs in the campus?
ATMs: - near gymkahana - near Tikka - near physics department - in tech market.
Xerox centres: All the halls have a xerox centre. Also there are many more in the campus - a shop in main building 2nd floor - a shop near HSS department - a shop opp. to RK hall.

Hall Affairs

Can we change the rooms allotted to us?
No, strictly not allowed.
Are girls allowed to enter boys hostels and vice versa?
Yes it is allowed to enter the foyer of any hall.
Where to make electricity and other complaints?
All complaints are registered in the foyer or one can contact the maintenance secretary.
Can parents stay with the ward in their hostel room?
It is not allowed to stay but parents can visit their ward's room.

Extra Curriculars

What is the procedure of getting selected as a member in the society?
Every society has their own selection procedure.They have different rounds of selection.One has to go for the selections and they select people based on different criteria they have fixed for their members.
Is there any scholarship for first year students?
Yes. There are many scholarships available for first year students. Some of them are offered universally for everyone by the institute and some are departmental. Details can be found in the Information Brochure and the respective departments. Notices are put up in the concerned notice boards (institute main building and departments) as and when they are announced.
Can we swap among NSO, NCC, NSS?
It is strictly not allowed once a student has been alloted one of these.
Am I eligible for the Gymkhana Posts?
You can apply for the post of secretary in gymkhana during second year .Election for which will be held during January.
What are the benefits of being a volunteer in fests?
It gives you an experience of managing things.
What is DC++ and how to install and use it?
DC++ is a free and open-source, peer-to-peer file-sharing client that can be used to connect to the Direct Connect network or to the ADC protocol. Install it from http://www.filehippo.com/download_dc_plus_plus/ and the hub address is predicted to be same for the next two years. In short , it is a sharing software and the next big thing of your kgp life.


What are the timings of library?
Library is open everyday from 8:00 am to 11:45 pm.
What to do if smart card is lost?
After smart card is lost first of all file a FIR in Police station. After FIR go to academic section for new smart card .
What Medical facilities are available near the campus?
In campus there is a hospital named B.C. Roy in which free medical facilities are provided to the students.Outside campus there is also a Railway Hospital.
How to get a medical book and what is the use of it?
Medical Book is given to each student by the Hall of Residence.It is used by receptionist and doctors in hospital and students can avail fremedical facilities with the help of the book.
Are we allowed to go anywhere in the campus?
We can roam anywhere in campus except on insitute and department terrace.
Nearby movie theaters?
In campus there is a movie show every weekend other than that there is also a theaters named Bombay Cinema.